What makes us different?

We understand what you’re dealing with – the challenge of driving forward, perhaps without the ideal experience or capacity within the team.

We work closely with charities, focusing on what impact you want to have, and flexing what we do to ensure you get there.  From mentoring, coaching or interim support, to large scale transformations, mergers, strategy development, Board support or long-term virtual Directors working with the rest of your SLT – we’re an agile team who delight in rolling our sleeves up and getting you through those challenges.

Our Approach


We’re much more than a typical consultancy.
We’re your partner.
We provide top quality solutions and resources – when and how they’re needed.
Taking the headache out of your challenges, so you can focus on making the world a better place.

Cutting Edge

Regular insights, best practice and solutions designed to fit your circumstances


Strategic perspectives, technical expertise, advice, mentoring and consultancy


A talented, experienced and agile team to fill your capacity gaps as needed


Innovative CEO Development, Round Tables and resources to help you be your best


Mentoring, coaching and support for senior leaders to make a real difference

Our Name…

A Coconut Octopus is a real and rather remarkable creature. Watch the video clip here to see them in action.

A Coconut Octopus thinks strategically and adapts – using materials it finds on the seabed to create shelters, places to ambush prey and as transport. It literally rolls around inside two coconut shells it holds together.

Not surprisingly, the Coconut Octopus is regarded as being among the most resourceful, adaptable and strategic of creatures – attributes needed by all of us (organisations and individuals) to thrive through challenging times.

So think of us as your personal Coconut Octopus – we’ll help you develop your approaches and skills to be truly amazing, whatever the challenges you are facing.  We’ll also be here whenever you need us.  And we guarantee to make you smile during the process!

We commit to working with our clients, partners and each other in a way that fosters a strong community – we look out for each other and provide support and encouragement so that everyone grows and benefits.

Our Team

All our team are handpicked for a critical combination: a high level of strategic thinking, strong technical knowledge in their field, outstanding experience in senior leadership roles in the non-profit sector, and a consistent ability to identify and focus on the critical priorities to achieve the desired results.

We are all adept at hitting the ground at speed, building relationships and understanding the full picture quickly and effectively.  We also believe in having fun and sharing the positives in life, so you’ll find us a very approachable bunch.  Whatever your challenge, we’ve been there, and we’re here to reassure and help you through.







Tom Fishenden - About Us Image



Our Partners

We are proud to partner with a couple of organisations who share our passion for helping non-profits, and who provide top quality support that complements what we do at Coconut Octopus. 

They’re people we’ve worked with, and who we rate for their approach, flexibility and focus on standards.

Like us, they’re determined to help your organisation be brilliant, and we’re delighted to recommend them.

The Charity Spark

Beckie and her team specialise in transformative evaluation and strategic income generation. Their vision is a non-profit sector where every charity has access to skills, confidence and support to measure the impact of their work and effectively raise money to continue their mission. They turn impact frameworks and evaluations into accessible, useful and above all, inspiring tools that help create positive outcomes for those you support.


Dan and his team provide expert computer, network and cloud support, covering everything from IT governance, strategy and cyber security to ensuring systems and infrastructure work well and stay that way.  They are Microsoft Certified Partners, and offer a fixed and fair cost (with an ethical business model), quick response times and training.  They focus on understanding clients’ needs and working with them to improve efficiency and capability. And they speak plain English!